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WSM Immigration and Advocacy Efforts

May 4, 2010

WSM applauds the outreach work of our Associates Lisa Baker and Stephanie Smith and Partner Kirsten Schlenger.

Northern California Citizenship Day. Our senior associate Lisa Baker played a leadership role in organizing San Francisco's recent Citizenship Day in April sponsored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association ("AILA"), and our associate Stephanie Smith worked hard as a volunteer attorney alongside Lisa all day at the event. Through Lisa's and Stephanie's tenacious efforts to address immigration legal issues and the likewise work of attorney and other volunteers, the group assisted nearly 100 lower income applicants in their quest for U.S. citizenship. The pro bono event received favorable coverage by several local news stations. Organizers have been lauded for their successful community outreach efforts.

5th Grade Immigration Writing Contest. The American Immigration Council (AIC) national writing contest for 5th graders is having another successful year. AIC sponsors local writing contests around the country. As she gets ready to step into the role of the Chair of the Board of Trustees the AIC in June, Kirsten has been raising funds in the Bay Area to be used in educating elementary children about the benefits of immigration and awarding prizes. Later this spring, Kirsten will focus her fundraising efforts towards the AIC's yearly gala taking honoring women immigrants which takes place in July at AILA's 2010 annual conference.

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