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B-1 Business Visitors and Visa Waiver Business Visitors

B-1 Business Visitors and Visa Waiver Business Visitors

It is U.S. policy is to facilitate and promote international travel and free movement to the United States for the cultural and social value to the world and for economic purposes. 

Business visitors, whether under the B-1 visa classification or as Visa Waiver business visitors, are admitted to the U.S. to participate in business activities of a commercial or professional nature, which do not involve working in the US. 

The most common permitted business activities are:

  • Consulting and meeting with business associates
  • Traveling for scientific, educations, professional or business conferences or conventions
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Leasing office space and preparing to establish a business in the US

B-1 visa visitor vs. Visa Waiver business visitor

B-1 Visa

Visa Waiver Business Visitor

Generally admitted up to 6 months. Max 1 year.

Admitted for 90 day period

May file an extension

No extensions

Need to apply for visa stamp at US consulate

No visa stamp required for citizens of certain qualifying countries

Eligible for removal proceedings for alleged violation of status

Ineligible for removal proceedings

May subsequently file for adjustment of status if otherwise eligible

Ineligible to file for adjustment of status except based on marriage to USC

Beyond having a qualifying purpose for the trip, the basic requirements for both the B-1 and the Visa Waiver business visitor are:

  • Plan to remain for a specific, limited time period
  • Funds to cover expenses of trip and stay in U.S.
  • Unabandoned residence outside the US
  • Binding ties to the country of residence
  • Admissible to the US (no disqualifying criminal convictions, diseases, terrorist activities, etc.)

Our firm has assisted many business travelers in successful B-1 visa applications as well as admissions under the Visa Waiver program.  We do the following to increase the chances of success:

  • Walk you through the online visa application process and respond to challenges with the online form
  • Reach out to the relevant consulate to inquire whether certain visas from certain nationals are entertained
  • Prepare supporting legal documents for the B-1 visa application, outlining in detail the purpose of the visit and the ties to the home country
  • Follow up with consular officers if there are delays or additional evidence required
  • Prepare detailed travel letters for Visa Waiver applicants
  • Prepare you on what to expect at the visa interview or in the conversation with the inspecting officer
  • Track that the B-1 or Visa Waiver admission is correct and track the admission period and expiration

B-1 Business Visitors and Visa Waiver Business Visitors FAQs


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